Abandonment issues and a rise in violence - how lockdown affected adopted kids

Describing the impact the Covid crisis has had on her children, Rachel says, ‘they feel like they’ve been abandoned’. Like many kids, the pandemic has hit them hard – but it’s other circumstances that have made the last 12 months even more difficult to deal with. Both of Rachel’s children, two boys aged six and five, are adopted and underlying issues of abandonment have had the most profound effect on them – even though their mother has tried to rationalise the rules of lockdown. ‘It affects

What does Sir Keir Starmer mean for gender equality?

Whilst it is undeniable that a female leader of the Labour Party is long overdue, Sir Keir Starmer presents himself as being the next best thing: a self-declared feminist who wants to work “with and for women”. During the leadership race, up against two women – Rebecca Long-Bailey and Lisa Nandy – there were calls for him to step aside to allow for the party’s first ever female leader. However, would it have been right for the party to elect a woman as its leader as merely a token gesture, rathe

The current male political elite: the untouchable truth

Why are men in power granted impunity? We see it over and over again: male directors continuing to make films despite allegations of sexual assault, male politicians thriving in their career despite sexist remarks, and now the ongoing debate about whether a Prince could be ‘above the law’. What do these three men have in common? Power. Power can be defined as having the ability or the capacity to influence the behaviour of other people or the course of events, and this is exactly what these,

Are European Rape Laws Letting Women Down?

Whilst this article is aimed at rape cases involving women, it does not in any way ignore the existence of male rape cases nor the rise in male rape statistics. However, the European rape cases referred to in this article are all involving female victims and thus victims are addressed by the female pronoun. In June of this year, the Greek government put forward a law as part of a new penal code which did not class non-consensual sex as rape. Less than 24 hours later, after an outcry from female

Why 'boring Belgium' is nothing but a myth

Having never been to Belgium before, except for a two-day trip as part of a French society tour last year, I really didn’t know what to expect. With my family and friends quietly reminding me that ‘Belgium is the most boring country in Europe’, I was quite concerned about what spending my whole summer there would be like. What I have discovered is that whilst Belgium isn’t often picked as a typical summer holiday destination, my preconceived ideas about the country were frankly wrong. Firstly,

Anxieties about my Year Abroad

A year abroad is advertised as being the best year of your life and often mocked as being a year out of education during which people ‘find themselves’. Whilst this is the most exciting adventure that many undergraduates will have ever been on, it is natural that it comes with its anxieties. So, whether you’re jetting off to the other side of the world or hopping across the Channel, here’s some advice to consider from someone who’s been there and… still doing it! The biggest worry that most peo

Warwick student turned electronic producer: how to break into the industry

Economics graduate George McCarthy, already recognised by several different record labels, has embarked on every musician’s dream journey into the world of producing. Aged just 22, he has been described as ‘capturing the attention of the biggest tastemakers in underground music right now’. With a big year ahead of him, Hanna Ward caught up with McCarthy to find out more about his influences and how he got to the impressive place he’s in now. McCarthy was inspired by sound from a young age. ‘I h

Festival Univerciné Britannique 2018 ° Interview with Marcus Rutherford

In the run up to the projection of the film ‘Obey’ as part of the Univerciné Brittanique happening in Nantes, Hanna, the current presenter of ‘The Euradio Show’, had the opportunity to invite Marcus Rutherford to the studio for an interview. Marcus plays the principal role ‘Leon’ in the film and he spoke to us about this character and the general plot of the film. He went on to mention the differences between working on a series and working on a film and how the team behind ‘Obey’ really put the